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3rd Combo Endocrinology International Course, 1-3 October, Athens, Greece

«stay small but perform with distinction»



3rd Combo Endocrinology Course on ‘Sports Endocrinology’

A Comprehensive Course to Guide the approach on Exercise and Sports Endocrinology nd the involved entities: Hormones, Diabetes and Nutrition. (Venue at: http://www.eden.gr)   
This is the third year of the new series of “COMBO ENDOCRINOLOGY” comprehensive, annual course. The main goal of these courses is to provide trainees, fellows, early career professionals with a complete, in-depth knowledge on specific hot topics of Endocrinology in a combined (Combo) approach with other medical/surgical specialties. COMBO ENDOCRINOLOGY meetings are monothematic courses providing knowledge on a different endocrine entity each year, through lectures, meet-the-expert sessions and case presentations.

This year’s theme is on Exercise and Sports Endocrinology focusing on Hormones, Diabetes, Nutrition and Overtraining. This course is designed as an educational tool and a practical manual to understand the pathophysiology of exercise, the disorders caused by overtraining and the exogenous administered substances, as well as how to ‘prescribe’ exercise regimens for the treatment of long standing health conditions.

Highlights of this course are the workshops where participants under the guidance of their tutor in a particularly interactive way, are encouraged to step forward, get involved ‘hands on’ with exercise techniques and equipment and present clinical scenarios in a ‘virtual congress’ setting.

This is an innovative idea from the Medical School of Athens University, this year co-organised with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, aiming to bring together scientists from different specialty backgrounds to target a specific endocrine topic and promote the attractive multidimensional profile of Endocrinology. The accretion of knowledge and its particular applications in the workshops have highly placed this course from theory to the forefront of medical practice. It is our pleasure to see this effort being embraced with great interest by a growing number of young scientists.

Consequently, a debt of gratitude is owed to each one of the distinguished tutors and speakers, who are embarking on their scientific topics and are serving our ultimate targets, education and clinical practice! Therefore, from heart thanks to their synergistic confluence that has given birth to this unique interactive course with my true appreciation to our financial supporters who have helped it to make steady steps forward. Undoubtedly, my high esteem is owed to each member of the organizing committee who has provided tirelessly their input on every step of the efforts to achieve and maintain high scientific and social standards of the course.

Thus, we have arrived at 3rd COMBO ENDO with a certain degree of pride, but with a greater degree of responsibility to every participant, whose presence in this course consolidates our commitment and dedication to teach and practice evidence based medicine!


Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis MD, PhD 
Professor of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism
Medical School of Athens, Greece 
President of the Course