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8th EFAD-DIETS Conference, 9-12 Οκτωβρίου 2014 (Ξενοδ. Divani Caravel).



The European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) will be hosting its annual conference in Athens, Greece this year on 9-12 October 2014, and in collaboration with the Hellenic Dietetic Association (HDA).

The 8th EFAD-DIETS Conference will have the following theme: “Health 2020: Supporting Vulnerable Groups”.

The current levels and predicted increase in Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Europe are associated with increased costs and present a major challenge to healthcare professionals across Europe, whose rapid and effective response is now requested more than ever. The 8th EFAD-DIETS Conference will explore the dietitian’s role in the treatment and prevention of NCDs, and will facilitate meetings of the European Specialist Networks for diabetes, obesity, oncology, ageing, public health and food service. What’s more, the Student Program will give students the space to network, discuss working-abroad opportunities and explore collaborative research projects.

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EFAD is the only organization promoting dietetics at the European level, representing some 30,000 dietitians across Europe, while also having a role in the education and lifelong learning of dietitians in partnership with Higher Education. Following the success of the previous DIETS conferences, EFAD continues to support the network and partnership work of National Dietetic Associations, Departments of Nutrition & Dietetics in Higher Education and NGOs across 31 European countries.

The EFAD committees for Professional Practice, Education and Research will host workshops and make presentations on progression of their work in the fields of ethics, standardized language, nutrition care process, lifelong learning and evidence-based practice. The proceedings and abstracts for the posters presented will be proactively promoted to all 30,000 dietitians in the Network as well as NGOs, HEIs and agencies in individual Nation States by Dietetic Associations.

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